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Where to find your market?

India, with a whopping population of approximately 1.37bn people of which a good 600 million people have access to the internet, is shifting rapidly to a new paradigm of digital advertising. With internet connectivity being held along the lines of basic amenities like food and water, it is only a logical explanation for companies to invest in advertising on the digital space since the audience is there. There is also a growing number of startup companies setting up in India which boosts the digital realm. A lot of MNCs have also been set up in India due to ease of doing business and also the companies need to explore unexplored territories, the scope is endless.

What makes advertising or marketing a risky business is the cost involved. Most small companies and start-up don’t have enough budgets to spend on digital marketing. While conventional advertising with hoardings or on television channels are expensive and since there are a fleeting number of channels, you can be confused as to where to put you’re only in to get the maximum reach. Digital marketing, on the other hand, uses powerful tools to target precisely to the audience location, age-group, gender and even behavioural interests. Companies are working on digital marketing and there is more than one way to get to your audiences over the internet elaborated below.

Social Media Marketing
It is marketing ether with immense potential. With the launch of much newer and competing platforms which are improved continuously to catch on the latest trend, they are an advertiser’s paradise. Social media trends and popular hashtags have been a great marketing ground. The coming years will see social media being the major digital marketing space for optimization, branding, lead generations as well as conversations. Social media is also very keen on adopting the latest technology which in turn means more options for marketing.

Mobile and App Marketing
This type of marketing is one of the new age tools of digital marketing which performs well with all audience. It allows for the ads to be consistently visible to your target audience on their mobile phones and when they use their favourite apps. Content on the mobile marketing realm has to be trimmed and made crisp so that they are well visible to the audience and strike easily into their minds.

Content Marketing
Content when rightly fused with email campaigns can work quickly in introducing a brand, promoting products, expanding the reach and search rankings and also increasing engagement with customers. It requires careful selection of content, which are to be tailor-made for each set of audience.

Search Engine Marketing
This is a powerful tool in the digital marketing space. To best make use of this facility, it is important to know the latest tricks of the trade of Search engine marketing. Effectively optimizing your keywords and ad copies are also essentials to keep the ad hot. With the number of searches conducted over varying search engines is peaking, mobile and social media optimization is the key to succeed in this category.

The world is becoming a closer network by the day and the demands and competition are also building up manifold. To survive in the digital scape, it is vital to keep up with the latest and cutting edge techniques and tool. Missing out on the tech buzz can cost sorely in the fast-evolving digital world, but with care and consideration, it is one of the best marketing techniques for your brand that can work in your favour, both reach wise and budget wise.

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