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The gifting culture for the V-Day has shifted to buying experiences than things, to enjoy together with loved ones. An interesting find by mobile commerce optimization platform Button, says many consumers look for gifts immediately before lunch and during the afternoon as a pick-me-up activity. Last-minute shopping sees a surge too especially during the late nights with an average spending of $41. Advertisers could latch on to this heightened traffic with personalized offers to peak sales on special days.

Farmgirl Flowers’ Social media tweak takes the cake.

What if a floral company targeted men on Valentine ’s Day? It would be perfect since men are the majority buying flowers for their women. That’s exactly what Farmgirl Flowers did, shifting their strategy to hit men over the conventional target, women. Valentine’s Day being one of the biggest days of the year for florists, they roped in a dramatic change in their marketing tactics which was highly rewarding.

Dominos’ new personalized Ad campaign

Returns have climbed tenfold for the Pizza giant who changed up their game with the mantra of ‘outsmart rather than outspend’ which yielded the company’s latest initiative to be insanely successful. The company has been digging into big data with Talend’s big data integration platform roped in for the backend work to integrate the company’s data to display highly personalized ads for consumers. A recent personalized display campaign in the UK generated a bumper 10:1 return on spend. The trick was to identify and reach the right consumers at scale.

Influencer shift to video content

The number of videos being created and shared on social platforms has increased manifold in recent years. Instagram took the cue and shifted its focus to video with IG Stories feature – and YouTube too brought out Stories option for live content. The advantage with video content is that it achieves higher engagement which is in turn favored by the algorithm, which means more penetration to the audience. Also, video helps them build a stronger bond with followers. Brands should follow suit here with 72% of customers preferring to learn about a through video.

Facebook has a new Page Management History Tool

Matt Navarra recently put forward a new feature for Facebook Pages by the name of “Page Management History.” The tool is beneficial for Pages managed by multiple individuals, as it shows every single action made on and by your Page, when the actions were taken, and by whom it was. This helps companies evaluate and monitor employee interaction with customers and engagement on social media. All this you can get in a glance with this particular tool. The tool is found in the “Settings” tab, with the title “Page Management History”.

It is Social Media time!

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