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Creating higher engagement on Facebook

It’s harder today to create an audience on Facebook since everyone is trying to optimize content for their audiences. Companies everywhere are fighting for customer attention and thereby sales. It takes an extra oomph for your creatives to make them stand apart to create a lasting audience or fan base.

1.Building Your Brand, the basics

The first step is to setup your page and establish your brand on platforms of interest by using your logo and sticking to your color palette through your posts. Speak about what your brand is, what your goals are and what you have to offer. Go for a logo that’s unique and stand outs from the rest. There should be a hint of your brand in all your content so that it strikes easily to customers from the swathe of posts.

2.Numbers matter

It’s a simple fact that the higher the number of posts that are pushed, there will be higher engagement. You need people to notice your work, keep following you and keep the social media engaging and interesting throughout. Some of the best pages on Facebook post dozens of times a day but number isn’t all, quality too is essential.

3. Facebook Stories are relevant

Storytelling is a very effective method to make your post ideas work with your fans. Relatable content is critical, be it the brand presence in a store or a production process showcased. Mix stories about your business and personal as well which will speak authenticity and get positive reactions from people. Also play with trending items that news feed algorithm favor will boost their appearance and keep your fans interested. By posting content around that are trending, you can open conversations with your fans by posing questions, commenting and conducting polls making things interesting.

4. Be Authentic

Take a different route and try not to push sale all the time but speak your mind. Shift the focus to your staff or work environment and the processes that you go through to make the product. Indulge your audience in some behind the scenes (BTH) which will add human touch to the brand. People are drawn to real photos and action rather than the polished ones. Incite reactions and opinion so that your audiences know they are involved in your production process. Post questions, fill-in-the-blanks, quizzes to draw quick reactions every time.

5. Challenges and contests

Get your fans hooked on selfie challenges and feature a lucky winner every once in a while. This makes the brand appear more personable and approachable for the normal audience. Audiences tend to engage and react strongly to this type of post. You can ask your fans questions, giving them a direct call to action to engage with your content! Include questions that are relevant to your target audience that you know they would want to answer in the comments on your post. This can boost posts in a jiffy.

6. Offer Promotions

Sometimes all it takes is a good sale or offer. Launch a promotion or incentive to customers. This can be seasonal or just to boost curiosity. Add a challenging element to it to give it more fuel. You can expect an increased number “shares” by sale or promo code.

You can also spotlight your fans and customers by posting about them. Testimonials are a great way to establish brand authenticity and good will and featuring customers will boost credibility and build a larger fan base. Most Facebook users love to get shootouts from a business, however small.

7. Post Product Photos

Take tutorial photos or the products in action. This will tell the crowd how it’s used and how different people are using it, making them more interesting and convert to potential customers! One of the most trending Facebook strategies is posting workspaces and the team. Just be sure that the palace is very clean & aesthetically pleasing. It gives people a glimpse of what you go through on a daily to make the product. Showcase you and bring out a glimpse the existing work culture and what your team does for fun

To conclude, taking the un-trodden path is the way to go to get more engagements. Authenticity is also gaining more importance these days with an avalanche of ads being flooded across to customers.

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