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Ads that stand out

Advertising is all about catching the eye. Ads, both online and offline use different strategies to make them pop to the consumer and make a lasting impression. But all ads need not be trying to sell the products. It is used to introduce a brand to an audience, launch a new product, update the new products to the audience that are already following the brand and keep things interesting and engaging at all times. Ads have been vital for brands to connect with their audience and sell products thereby. In case of online advertising, the objective is to get the customers attention to the brand or product with the post that is aired in the crowded digital platforms and then draws them towards the post copy where the details are elaborated. Your brand should not get lost in the noise of the digital jungle, so here are some tips to keep things interesting that make your audience come back for more.

1. Do the new
It is indisputable that standing out is key to advertising. Even for brands that are used to extravagant ads, your competitors are doing the same therefore it takes a twist to get the audience to notice you. The world is run by countless brands brainstorming to find the next out-of-the box, abstract idea. But at the end of the day, being original counts. A classic example is the Estee Lauder campaign from 1960 which was very revolutionary from that of other brands at that time. When everyone was chasing after colourful luxurious setups, they took a plunge and gave a sepia filter which raised a lot of criticism. But turned quite a few heads and generated almost 25% higher responses as compared to earlier ads.

2. Visual treat
The first thing that catches our eye is always the visual. The text comes after. Take this advantage and work with bold colors to attract the eye and the text can follow. Or even better, conveying ideas through a visual alone is powerful. Convey the core idea through a visual without using too many words or nothing at all.

3. Exaggerate for effect
Rather than plainly telling the audience about it, make the ad larger than life in a clever way so that you get the message across. The two factors here are getting the audience to notice your ad and eliciting an emotional response. You can use the help of a copy to give the message better clarity but for familiar brands with which people know their products, even which may not be necessary.

4. Play with the brain
Break the mundane and add some thought-provoking elements. Our brain is hardwired to predict things and solve puzzles. It is an evolutionary trait for us to anticipate the next step and thus quickly react. Thus when ads make you pause for a minute to get it, we make the effort to do it as a challenge. This, in turn, makes the ad more memorable and engaging. Foregoing the element of predictability and giving your audience something to ponder upon can be impactful. Use games, wordplay and everyday concepts with a missing element that can be fit in easily if you give it a thought.

5. The single message trick
Usually, to get more out of each post, we try to include the most details in. Although it may be effective, it might not work always. Sometimes, just highlighting a single catch-phrase or feature can work wonders. Minimalism can work to our advantage if used right. A lot of content in the ad can be very tiring to read and mentally challenging which would put off people’s attention quickly. Hook the audience with crisp content that would convey the message as well. There is also the benefit of the audience connecting with the product’s feature and remembering it while they are shopping.

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