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Key trends in digital marketing in 2021

Another year has sweeped in and it calls for some real game changers in the marketing strategy. The entire marketing landscape underwent a monumental change in the past one year, with digital marketing topping the list. Should brands rethink their marketing strategies or what are gonna be the key trends this year? Let’s take a look at some of the predictions.

The high tide of short form videos
Analytics tells us that the King of content that garnered maximum attention from people up until now in short form videos. Imposed to be sheltered indoors, short and catchy videos tipped the scale of digital content consumption. A generation Z individual has an average of 8 seconds of attention span, which brands are recommended to experiment creatively and communicate their purpose. With traditional shopping methods taking a backseat, people have flocked to online purchases and that too, social media based ones in particular.

Automation in marketing
No surprises here since the digital industry is evolving to a more sophisticated strata as the days go by. With brands having to analyse their data on more complicated terms with their growth, automating the marketing procedures based on customer behaviour and marketing trends assure a better ROI. In 2021, marketers shall be able to track leads better, convert better results and push more personal content to their customers.

Personalization of content
Gone are the times when mass marketing tactics like generic mail campaigns could revert results. Customers are unsubscribing from mass communication platforms in search of more personal and relevant ones. This implies that the content put forth should be able to strike a chord with the consumers on a more individual level. Machine learning shall up the game here to infuse a sense of personalisation to otherwise bland content. Apparently it can communicate with a very robust vocabulary and is skilled in language nuances or even in generating the right emotional element.

Well these are some of the likely changes for 2021 and digital marketing shall have to evolve to adapt to the changes to stay relevant to the trends in the market and likes of the customers. Although, rest assured that it shall be a year of immense digital engagement.
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