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Facebook Dynamic Ads is scaling up
Dynamic ads are now bumped up with machine learning to make customized users’ experience on a larger scale. This results in delivering a specific ad to different users based on their activity or preferences. By combining data, signals, and insights from Facebook and advertisers, dynamic Ads deliver content in different formats based on users’ behaviour.

A new logo for Facebook
Next time you are on Facebook and see a slightly different logo don’t freak out. Facebook has changed its corporate logo, but it won’t affect the old blue “F” appearing on your apps. The new logo may make its appearance on login screens of Instagram and WhatsApp, slightly tinted to match the respective brands.

Meet IGTV “series”
Organize your IGTV videos as a video series with a title and theme now, as in Snapchat. You can label your videos so that users can easily find content buckets via playlist at the same time making it easier for creators to arrange content. An on-screen tab will also be there to help you opt to get episode notifications from your favourite accounts.

LinkedIn rewards ‘builders’
LinkedIn recently introduced a “contribution” objective to its feed algorithm which has an assigned objective. This translates to the fact that the network now rewards “builders” i.e., contributors who are the people that regularly share, comment and react to content. LinkedIn thus urges you to be an active member of your community and the new algorithm rewards people for getting more and regularly involved with the network.

Facebook rolling out in-app shopping ads
Like the massively popular in-shopping ads on Instagram, Facebook is also shifting paradigm with plans to introduce the same on the platform. Foreseeing a future where Facebook and shopping are synonymous, Facebook announced it is testing the new ad feature, namely an in-app checkout for dynamic ads that will allow you to turn organic shopping posts into ads. With the feature on Facebook and Instagram, it appears to be working towards creating a seamless online shopping experience for users.

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