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War of Social Platforms

Social Media Platforms are changing, new ones taking over the market, old apps are vamping up to stand the competition, so what to you need to consider for your brand marketing this year?

IGTV, the next TV
Instagram’s hit feature, IGTV that rose to compete with Tik-Tok has been a revolution in itself. In 2020, the trends have changed and social media has very much moved into video content. IGTV, Instagram’s standalone video app, will be at the forefront of this change. Celebrities and artists are showcasing their processes and snippets of work through IGTV, with its especially appealing long video format. The popular videos on IGTV are anything between entertaining, informational and also a huge array of tutorials that the crowd seems to love.

Snapchat, an influencer hive
Snapchat is the place to go, if it’s the young and the very young that you have to get to with your products. The most active users are Snapchat are 13-year-olds, who are spending upwards of 30 minutes a day on the interactive app. With an active monthly user base of 360 million, Snapchat’s fickle and fun user-generated content, behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive offers, and influencer takeovers will give your brand a run for its money. The app is still to run its roots wild in India, but there is a potential young crowd who will likely convert to it in the near future.

TikTok on a steady climb
TikTok is already a massive platform with adults and Gen Z raving over its features even today. Launched by Chinese developer ByteDance in 2016, it currently has more than 500 million users actively using the app and a whopping one million videos viewed per day. Thus for the years to come, it’s a platform to tap into for brands to establish a brand voice, engage with audiences, and attract younger consumers.
The platform is also a hotbed for a new generation of influencers and viral content, perfect for brands to discover new following.
Tik-Tok is easy to use, the app works on sharing 15-second video clips set to music. TikTok is about personalized viewing experiences and doesn’t push for vanity metrics. This makes it a more community-led and collaborative making it positive and proactive says a vast majority of users and brands. For brand marketers, the platform is an opportunity to test out new creative approaches to their content.

Pinned to Pinterest
Founded in 2010 with a current number of monthly users standing at 322 million, this platform has stood the test of time. The most popular content on Pinterest includes fashion, food, decor, workout and DIY ideas which makes it a creative person’s haven as much as it is for a homemaker looking to revamp her house. The content that works here is rich visuals, that are eye-catchy and unconventional.
As for the market here, the platform has 81% female users, so if your brand caters to a predominantly female audience, that’s a good reason to invest time in social media marketing on Pinterest. And men aren’t too far behind with recently 40% of new Pinterest signups being male, which says that there is an emerging market for the other sex too.

LinkedIn, the professional social platform
LinkedIn has scored as the best social media app for professionals. It is a place where users can effortlessly promote themselves or their businesses. The platform mainly serves to increase users’ business connections by connecting with other professionals who can boost the chances of finding professional ties and fuel growth.
It also serves as a social media app for marketing and is employed by businesses to establish their brand presence and leadership in the industry, talk about their fields of work and to attract promising talent. You can also advertise your business, like send personalized ads, boost your content, and display ads on the site.

Witty and vivacious Twitter
Twitter is a real-time public microblogging network whose popularity is growing in the social media realm. It has now become the newspaper for many, due to the current updates and reactions making its presence in the blink of an eye on this platform. Its exclusivity lies in its short word limit feature that has applauds from most mobile social media app users and designers as well. Twitter is also an ideal social media platform for customer service as well as showing off how you are relevant to the current scenario and talking about how your brand is doing in the market. Advertisers say that more than 80% of social customer service requests are served on Twitter.
The app boasts of its ability to Go Live in a tap, watch exclusive live streams, look into viral topics and get onboard with trending hashtags. The app also allows private Chat with friends & followers. You also get suggestions about influential people to follow that suit your taste.
Marketing strategy can be tough with so many platforms around. Confused about where to invest to get the best for your brand? Get onboard with OnpageOne for digital expertise.

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