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The relevance of digital marketing for small businesses

Small businesses have been growing rapidly nowadays with niche markets catering to a particular audience showing great potential. When starting a business, we want people to know the brand, the quality and thereby build a following. Traditional forms of advertising like word of mouth, print or hoardings are usually employed to generate brand awareness. This will definitely generate demand but will take time to catch on. In the digital age, there are easier and more effective ways to get to a larger crowd.

The number of potential customers found online is much larger than you are likely to attract locally. Using digital marketing, you can reach a huge audience while being cost-effective and measurable.

Why online marketing?

Your audience is online therefore it only makes sense to make your presence known here. You can get a global reach as well as interact with your prospective customers. At the same time, digital ads cost you lesser in investment than traditional marketing. Building brand loyalty is vital today and digital platforms interactions help build a personal connection. You can also keep track of trends and responses in real time.

Social media presence

The first step is to make sure your brand and product are present on prominent social media platforms that are relevant to your product. Begin by introducing your brand, your products and your philosophy. Share interesting and relevant content and using social media for customer service, including answering questions and addressing complaints is useful. Social media advertising is a great way to reach new audiences and convert to sales. Working with influencers can take your brand up in with increased recognition and trust among your audience.

Engaging Audiences

Encouraging conversations can build brand recognition and can portray loyalty through engagement, commenting and sharing which will make you look more trustworthy to new audiences. For niche markets, sharing customer feedback and testimonials can be a great way to get the brand across to a larger audience.

Novel Content

In the flood of content on digital platforms coming up with new and exciting content will keep your brand relevant and make your posts stand out from the rest. Mixing up your strategies and bringing in what is trending today allows the audience to actively engage with brands. One can try strategies Polls, Animated content, infographic or Quizzes to incite curiosity.

Live & Video Content

Videos have done very well in digital marketing for some time now because of how engaging it is and its ability to convey more information in a short span. Investing in exciting video content, live streaming events and production processes will be very effective in getting to the audience and increases conversions as it is way more appealing than simple text.

Be Accessible to Your Customers

Once your website is up, it is important to optimize for search engine, a strategy that can help tide over your competitors by being the first name that someone searching for your product finds in a Google search. It is also imperative to know what your competitors are up to and what their strategies are.

Voice Strategy

Voice search is currently on the rise with the use of Alexa or Google home voice assistants. They are usually driven by questions, so your content should be geared toward providing succinct answers.

Blending the Digital with the Physical

Digital may be the way to go but people still enjoy and have more trust in brick-and-mortar stores and love shopping there. Many businesses have adopted technologies to interact with consumers but are also trying to balance both by interacting with those who are in physical vicinity of the store.

Taking a plunge into digital marketing isn’t a big step. There is very little risk involved but there is a lot to gain from making your brand’s presence known online. Onpageone can help you steer your digital strategy in the right direction, call us today!

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