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The Evolution of Customer Segments During Covid-19

Our lifestyle has taken a drastic turn with the onset of Covid-19. We are in a stage where our social amenities are no longer functioning properly, our economy is crumbling and all that we can do to help is to stay at home. The global business ecosystem is reacting to the situation by bringing down the expenses and concentrating on fueling the elixirs that will make the business rolling in the future.

Most of the operations are going to be suspended for a while as their customers are forced to remain at homes. While in isolation and lack of lifestyle choices, our customers are evolving based on thought patterns, observations, and change in priorities. When Covid-19 will end for once and all, we can expect an emergence of newer customer segments.

In this narrative, we are trying to decode some of the anticipated customer changes that will have a pivotal role to play in rebuilding or rebranding your business in the post lockdown era.

The Anxious Territory

As the pandemic continues to create ripples, people are becoming conscious about their family health and fulfilling their basic needs. They are worried if they would lose the freedom they took granted in life. A major segment of society has started to reduce their cost of living, while some others are changing their perspectives. These thoughts and changing habits are manifesting themselves in various ways.

As per expert studies, the following are the four major categories of customers who have emerged during Covid-19.

Customers who prefer to save and stockpile resources
Customers who prefer to reduce their cost of living
Customers who decide to stay calm and carry on
Customers who decide to hibernate and reduce spend
The actions of every audience segment are motivated for different reasons. However, the big question is as the economy revives, which of these trends will prevail? Or will the customers return to what they liked before?

The Favourable Transition

There is no point in believing that people will stick to either of these patterns once the pandemic is over. We can expect many of them to get back to the normal life patterns that they had before. Going forward, let’s see how the above four segments of people are expected to change their patterns after the pandemic is over.

Customers who will bounce back to normal
Customers who remain cautiously extravagant
Customers who go on to be frugal in spending
Customers who still keep cutting their expenses
Customers who will come back with a bang
Once again, these segment behaviors are also motivated by different factors. Those who remain cautiously extravagant are backed by the belief that the economy will still be in recession after Covid-19. The segment which still keeps cutting their expenses thinking they need more time to secure their jobs and retain financial stability. But as far as brands are concerned, the customer affinity towards a particular brand will be driven by how they responded to the crisis and how much they prioritized their customers beyond business.

The Future Customer

The prominence of the customer scenario is vital to plan your business strategies in the future. It is essential to understand the evolving customer models so that you can curate better marketing strategies. The rise of new customer segments means it will be high time for a change in strategies, agency product lines, service offerings, and face-lift in overall business operations. With Covid-19, consumer marketing has assumed an imperative role in business collateral. Agile marketing will become the norm of digital marketing, where brands need to quickly adapt to the crisis by tweaking brand communications in accordance with the situation.


We understand that you are anticipating a quick recovery from Covid-19. But you should also keep in mind that the scenario is going to be different from here on. You need to quickly understand the changing customer behaviour when a crisis happens. You need top plan retention marketing strategies to address their emerging concerns. As one of the reputed digital marketing agencies in Kerala, we sense this as a tremendous opportunity and the need to invest in digital marketing. Sometimes it needs an expert team to manage your brand communications who can also help you achieve the desired ROI from your marketing efforts. If you are looking for a trusted agency for result oriented digital marketing services, then contact us right now and let’s grow your business to new heights.

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