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Google launches ‘People Cards’ in its Search facility

Been on the experimenting radar since February, Google has decided to roll out their People Card feature in India. It refers to a public search profile card system, introduced to avail information about an individual to employers or potential clients from a simple Google search. You can update details such as contact details, social media accounts, bio, location, employer/job etc and have an enhanced online visibility. Anyone can add their card by signing into their Google account and following the procedures and also, can take it down anytime they want.

Facebook to introduce redesigned Ad Preferences

Facebook has decided to roll out a more simpler and user friendly version of Ad Preferences to be launched in the upcoming months. As informed by Rob Leathern, Director Of Product Management, Facebook, the redesigned version will be divided into three main sections, Advertisers, Ad Topics, and Data along with some relabeled tools. The Advertisers tab displays all the advertisers a user has witnessed recently, hidden ads, and other ad related information that was in the ‘Advertisers and Businesses’ section earlier. The Data section helps users manage the ads they are shown based on their activity while Ad Topics lets them decide what content they want in the ads displayed.

Instagram to roll out verification of its users

In a novel yet substantial move to curb the use of fake IDs and the associated issues, Instagram has decided to ask its users to update their ID proofs with them if it spots any inauthentic behaviour, bots etc. Users can upload their birth certificate, license, passport, marriage certificate, voter’s ID, green card, visa etc, from amongst a list of valid IDs Instagram shall accept, as has been updated on their website. Instagram assures, “IDs will be stored securely and deleted within 30 days once our review is completed”. With this Instagram aims to resolve issues of fake followers and ensure its authenticity to users.

Twitter to display more information on who DMs you

In a recent update, Twitter has decided to display all the necessary information about who decided to DM you- mutual followers and the profile shall be displayed making it easier for its users to have a better understanding before accepting a request. A feature that has been on the testing cards for a year now, is now out on Android, iOS and the Web versions.

Facebook tests a short video form in its feed with its Indian users

Determined to fill the gap the ban of TikTok left with its 200 million users in India, Facebook has decided to come out with its own version of a short form video clips, exclusive to its users in India, prompting them to upload videos and check out the feature for themselves. With over a user base of 300 million in India, this new feature is believed to make the users stay and be more engaged with the platform.

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