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SEO tips to boost the ranking of new content quickly

Every time there is new content to publish, the end goal is for users to land on it as fast as possible in terms of search results. Here are our top six SEO tips in getting the mission accomplished.

Linking from the important pages
This is quite a basic yet very important step every time new content goes up. Ensure all the primary pages in focus are always linked. It could be your home page, links in your content, a blog you maintain or even the sources you used to publish the content.

Routine updation of old content
Every now and then visit the existing content and recheck if the facts mentioned need any correction. Also, add relevant links wherever possible. This way every content you have always stays updated and relevant for the present times. Writing unique meta descriptions that are relevant to capture user attention is important as well. Ensure it has all the right keywords and is placed simply, yet intelligently.

Share socially as much as possible
The easiest way to boost your view count is to increase the presence of your content on every social media field possible because there’s a high correlation between sharing socially and ranking of content. When content is shared on aggregators like Reddit it creates actual links for Google to crawl. Seeing the social activity on sites like Reddit and Hacker News, your ranking improves with Google.

Generate search clicks
Instead of sharing directly to the required URL, a smarter way is to share it to a Google search result. When viewers click on the link it takes them to a Google search result that has the keywords you’re trying to rank for, and ultimately people will search and land on your result. This boosts your click rate and helps in the auto suggestion of queries.

Indexing the URL
Indexing the URL is a step most leave by. Google provides a number of tools for this like the ‘URL Inspection tool’. It allows you to submit a URL and suggests Google to crawl it. This way, the URL will be in their priority crawl queue and in turn your content gets indexed faster. Take note that the URL you use is something easy to comprehend for both the users and search engines as well.

Analysing the page loading speed
The page loading speed is yet another crucial factor that affects the SEO ranking and helps reduce users from bouncing off your sites. There are various tools available online for assessing your page loading speed. The page score is an average of multiple factors and you’ll be provided insights on how to improve the speed or what the specific speed killers are.

That’s our top six important tips to ensure your content is always ranked right and you get the right view count from users. Tune in to OnPageOne for more updates regarding digital marketing and social media news.

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