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The influencer trend is catching on, as 72% of brands are increasing their digital marketing share budget on them this year. It is reported that 32 percent spend between Rs 1,00,000 and Rs 10,00,000 on influencer marketing yearly. This is attributed to influencer marketing provides a higher ROI (return on investment) compared to other channels and enhanced visibility.

Instagram rolls out Threads, a messaging app for close friend.

Threads is aimed at connecting with your close friends on Instagram. Similar to the ‘Close friends’ option on Instagram Story, you can now add a list of close friends to communicate exclusively and also allows for use of all Instagram creative tools. It also comes with an interesting feature, the auto-status update. It allows Threads to request your smartphone’s location, movement, battery level and network connection that can be shared with friends.

Letting consumers visualize than just listening to the brand

Aditya Birla Capital launched an interactive Facebook campaign #InteractWithTheFuture, The campaign showcases a young couple who are celebrating their 5th anniversary. There are two buttons at the bottom of the video that is there throughout the ad film: Option A and B. The moment the viewer presses option A the exact same narrative is going on but the actors are older. And option B showcases the same older couple in a different class of society. The campaign reaches out to two different target audiences. The interactive ad was well received by the audience.

Facebook Ad Stories with Call to Action

Users can click to message brands and businesses from Stories ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger with the new “Send Message” call-to-action. Brands can now drive Stories ad traffic to start conversations on Messenger. Users can swipe up on Stories ads that have the new “Send Message” call to action to start a conversation with the business in Messenger without leaving the app they’re in.

Instagram delving into AR-based shopping features

Initially launching for exclusive brands, Instagram is making businesses more intuitive. It has introduced a new AR try-on feature for product on their brand pages. Instagram has become a big hub for brands to sell their products and now Instagram users can try out the product in AR before they add it to their cart. Cosmetics and eyewear giants such as Mac, Nars, Warby Parker and Ray-Ban are the first recipients of this update. However, Instagram will be making this feature available for more products over time.

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