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In the middle of the epidemic resulting in unemployment figures scaling up everyday and fewer opportunities to bag, LinkedIN has come up with Career Explorer to streamline job opportunities.The tool will analyze a user’s skills and then find suitable job titles that aligns with their interests/capabilities. It will also mention if any additional skills or LinkedIn Learning courses are required to help attain the skills for the job. Also, connections already working in the areas mentioned or can provide an introduction would be highlighted.

Snapchat introduces AR-enabled Friendship Time Capsule
Snapchat launches a new feature that allows friends to create new shared memories through AR if they can’t be together in person. After the second global Friendship study by Snapchat to know how the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting issues have impacted friendship, Snapchat launched The Friendship Time Capsule, highlighting the problems friendships are currently facing in the midst of the pandemic.

Twitter rolls out ArtHouse helping brands create Twitter-first content
To improve brand communication, Twitter India is coming up with ArtHouse that is a range of creative services coupled to assist the brands in creating and optimizing their Twitter content. Twitter developed the concept based on their understanding that connecting to their audiences is the most important thing for brands today, and when they’re competing for people’s attention, the communication style of the brand should resonate with the users.

Workplace by Facebook introduces some updates
As part of its latest updates, Workplace by Facebook rolled out features like ‘dark mode’ that changes the background from white to black in order to reduce eye strain and glare from the screen and to provide comfortable viewing in low light conditions. The “frontline areas’ concept was launched to customize the experience for frontline workers by classifying them based on criteria such as geography, department, etc. “Knowledge Library’ lets users create, save, and share work content like staff benefits, company goals, work policies etc.

Google launches Keen
Google’s Keen, similar to Pinterest, allows users to curate content based on their interests, share collections or find new content based similar to their tastes. Keen can also be used to build a collection of resources on a topic they are well versed with and share it with people who would enjoy the selected content. Users can curate content both for themselves and for other people and the keens can be private or public.

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