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The hotel giant just tripled its revenue by tapping into customer insights to create content that connects with people. In 2018, Marriott Traveler attracted 3 million unique visitors (78 % from previous year) to the individual hotel landing pages. Their focus on storytelling and serious commitment to content and customers is the reason for this success. They insist that content should be inspirational as well as aspirational, keeping with their vision of being the world’s favorite travel company – with emphasis on the word ‘favorite’.

Ikea’s teary-eyed Ad a hit.

Advertising is hitting your soft spots again this time with Ikea. The spot, an ad by Ogilvy Greece, brings the story of a farm dog who’s adopted by a couple with an adorable little girl. The story goes through, him being separated from his best friend back on the farm. He’s taken back to the family home, all decked out with Ikea furnishings and accessories. Andy Williams’ “Love Story” playing in the background will definitely make your eyes well as you watch. The company says it will be building on the message in coming campaigns.

Beauty brand ‘Glossier’ is going against the marketing playbook

US beauty brand Glossier doesn’t “go by the rules”, lines of President and Chief operating officer Henry Davis. From its launch, it has seen itself as the opposite of big brands, and their strategy rests on building a relationship with customers. The company is considered innovative and owns the bottom part of the sales funnel and does not rely on any other players to sale on their behalf. The brand’s rapid growth last year, passing $100 million in revenue and 1 million new customers made is largely attributed to its social media presence. Its biggest campaign ever, “Feeling Like Glossier,” is all about real people and has been a hit ever since.

Facebook’s big update: scheduling on Instagram

Post scheduling is finally being adding to Instagram but only for business accounts that are linked to a Facebook page. There have been a number of third-party apps that offer Instagram post scheduling. The scheduling feature for Instagram is being added to Facebook’s Creator Studio, used by publishers to manage posts, view analytics and monetize content on Facebook and Instagram.

Nike Plays Tag

Nike plays an epic game of ‘tag’ in its super cool ad where different kids ‘tagged’ take turns to show off each of their impressive skills, from skateboarding, to running to diving and much more. The ad is really fast-paced as we fly around the world and see young athletes that have some amazing abilities. The ad also has some sick animation too, which make it more interesting. It follows the recent trend from Nike to inspire young athletes and champion budding sports stars that are just starting out in their careers. It’s another great ad from Nike.

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