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Marketers are always looking for places of action, chasing influencers across all platforms with Facebook and Instagram being established arenas. But stats point to TikTok, the popular short video app with its user base now over 200 million is surging ahead of social media networking giants Facebook and Twitter. TikTok is also the 2nd most popular platform in terms of time spent by users, with a user spending 44 minutes per day on Facebook, whereas TikTok grabbed 34 minutes of the user’s time every day. Marketers need to look at these newer platforms for higher reach and conversions.

Amazon Prime Day testament of Holiday Shopping

Amazon prime says their Ad spending more than doubled but so did sales during the Holiday season, with the Amazon Prime Day 2019 surpassing sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. They also said its Prime subscription service purchased also peaked to more than 175 million items. So holiday offers definitely work if done right.

Eating in Secret Ads Work. Why?

Delving to the depths of human emotions, advertisers say portraying eating when you are low intensifies cravings, which is an advertiser-coveted effect. We also think more about the things we hide. Therefore ads that talk about it about secret indulgences like just giving in to your favorite ice-cream after a long day have significantly more effect in selling the product than conventional.

Emojis for engagement

Images and iconography are fundamental to brand identity, especially in the era of visual social media platforms like Pinterest & Instagram. The last decade has seen the rise of emojis that has taken the globe by storm (more than 700 million of them are used on Facebook alone, each day)

A survey of 1000 consumers said that a vast majority of respondents would be highly receptive to using emoji to express their thoughts on the brand experience. The emoji of choice currently are the ‘thumbs up’ (49.1%), followed by a star (12.7%), a smiley face (10.9%) an ’ok hand’ (4.6%) and a heart (3.7%).

Animations for better Conversations with Consumers

People can relate to a character more than traditional marketing strategies. Since the marketing space is so crowded, a character will create pure brand salience. The character becomes a shortcut reference to the brand, and can be more interesting than the brand itself. With the short attention span of Internet users, animation evokes emotions faster and resonate with the viewers. A great example is Google Doodles whose cute animations make us want to click on them for sure.

Sundar Pichai is Alphabet’s new CEO

Sundar Pichai took the Internet by storm when he became the CEO of Google four years ago. Now he is appointed as the CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin gave up the executive positions at Alphabet Inc. to make way for Sundar Pichai.

Nykaa clocks 108 % profitable growth in revenue

The online beauty products platform has turned its tables around by not just recovering their losses but also making a profit of Rs 2.31 crore. Nykaa’s valuation has now touched $724 million. In March, Nykaa had also acquired fashion styling and ecommerce platform 20Dresses.

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