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Minutes of the SEMRush

SEMrush Marketing Show is the BIGGEST marketing conference in India held on Thursday, December 5, 2019, at Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center.

The SEMrush Marketing Show featured the marketing industries’ leading professionals from across the world who shared their best practices. 40 experts and 2000 attendees discussed on Growth Marketing, SEO, Online Ads and dedicated workshops from Facebook and Google.

OnPageOne was part of this event and here we showcase some of the insights on content marketing that we gathered at the show.

Content Marketing Survey

The event discussed the results of the survey conducted on 1200+ marketers from 39 countries about their approach to content marketing at each stage, from strategy to efficiency measurement. It was found that 91% of companies are using content marketing as a marketing approach in your company. 77% of companies had a content marketing strategy and gave a rating of average 3.5 regarding the performance of their current content marketing strategy.

Tactics that work

Coming to the most efficient content marketing tactics implemented by companies this year, Search engine optimization scored the top points at 67%, followed by Updating and repurposing existing content at 51%, Creating more video / Visual content standing at 37%, Publishing more “How to” guides / Educational content close by at 36%. Surprisingly Using UGC (User Generated Content) falls at a low of 11%.

Metrics on Fleak

When asked about the key metrics used to measure content success the stats stand at

Organic traffic(76%),

Leads (62%),

Sessions / Pageviews (60%) and

Conversion rate (47%)


With regard to the goals that companies place before themselves for content marketing in the upcoming year, the aim is to generate more quality leads for 75% of them. While attracting more traffic to their website was the drive for 71% of them. Improving brand reputation and customer engagement and loyalty followed close at 45%.

Draw engagement

Visual content is the ninth most discussed topic in the tweets we looked at. Besides, 68% of content marketing-related tweets contained visuals. The keyword “video content marketing” appears in the top 20 of the most popular search queries related to content marketing. “What is visual content marketing?” is also one of the most popular questions asked on Google.

Content Strategy

The survey did throw up some interesting finds in the usage of visual content in the tweets that were analysed. It shows that 50% of posts had images used while 14% were Infographic content. Videos and GIFs take up 3% and 1% respectively while posts with no visuals are at 32%.

It is evident that visuals draw engagement. It was also found that 68% of content marketing-related tweets contained visuals. The keyword “video content marketing” too appears in the top 20 of the most popular search queries related to content marketing.

Content Distribution

When brands were asked about their preferred medium of distribution of content, Social media scored at a big whopper of 94%. Email marketing still sores high at 76% with PPC / paid advertising taking 46% scores. Influencer marketing currently stands at 19%.

Money Wise?

It was found that a majority of companies, 46% spend about $10,000 on content marketing for the year 2019. These figures are followed by 17% of them spending a good $10,001 to $25,000 on content marketing and 8% spending anywhere between $25,001 to $50,000.

Seldom ignored, content marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. It is vital for companies to invest a fair share of their marketing budget to digital to reach a vast audience and build brand reputation. Visual content is especially key due to increased engagement witnessed for these over conventional. Content marketing woes, Think OnPageOne.

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