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Facebook will update three of its ad metrics, in an attempt to improve relevance and reach as well as bury some of its lesser-used options. The updated version is said to be a more ‘granular’ ad relevance diagnostics focusing on quality, engagement rate, and conversion rate.

Multilingual websites to increase engagement for eCommerce.

Online retailer market is mainly based on SEO, PPC campaigns and above-the-line ad campaigns. But for international brands, there is an untapped method to increase engagement and conversions via a website, language. Cost and complexity apart, a true multilingual online retail experience created with bespoke content has yields rewarding results

AMP-enabled dynamic email, App like approach

Doodle is experimenting on AMP-enabled dynamic email. AMP for Email, now releasing for Gmail, will transform the perception of marketers and product designers about the inbox. It makes the static email of today into dynamic, web page-like experiences. AMP for Email is rolling out for Gmail, but other major email providers like Yahoo Mail, Outlook and will also vouch for AMP emails.

Online ad market faces investigation over competition concerns

Government report studying the future of the UK news industry has sounded alarm bells with regard to the dominance of Facebook and Google in the online ad market. Recommendations to improve the status of other platforms included funds towards innovation and improving the news experience.

‘Stadia’, Google’s newest cloud gaming platform.

Users can have access to their games all the time, on any screen of choice as long as it is connected to Stadia and has a stable internet connection. Users can play games at resolutions of up to 4K, frame rates of 60 frames per second, HDR and surround sound.

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