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Google has started rolling out a new core search algorithm update named “May 2020 Core Update”. As per Google, the aim of the new update is to improve the quality of search results for the users. The broad core algorithm update would bring a list of changes to Google’s search algorithms and systems. While the update will benefit the end users, websites can expect to witness a fluctuation in their rankings and performances. The update will take several weeks to fully roll out. The last update was initiated by Google in January 2020.

Google Launches New Podcast Manager Tool

Google has introduced a new Podcast Manager tool that enables publishers to listen to the minutes, duration and several other retention analytics. The tool will help pod-casters to understand their audience in a better way so that you can reach across company products. It will provide valuable insights on number of listens per show or episode, number of listens per segment of the podcasts, percentage listened for each episode and anonymized device analytics. However, the tool provides data insights for Google podcast platforms or any other embedded podcast players vetted by the company.

Twitter Begins Rolling Out New Conversation Layout on iOS, Web

In a bid to enhance its user experience, Twitter has begun rolling out their new conversation enhancing feature for iOS and Web. The new layout will align replies with lines and indentations that makes it more clear on who is talking to whom and fit more of the conversation in one view. The platform said that they are experimenting the feature by including icons for like, replay and retweet behind a tap for replies. They have been implementing the feature on a small group of iOS and Web to see how it improves the user experience and engagements within a conversation.

Facebook launches Messenger Rooms

Facebook has launched a new platform, Messenger Rooms, that allows the host to create group video calls and invite up to 50 participants to carry out video conferences. The feature will make it easier to connect with business, close friends and family. In the wake of COVID-19, all the business meetings and family conversations were facilitated by video platforms like Zoom. It appears like the biggest tech giants of the world are bridging the gap for a comprehensive group video platform and taking the competition to a whole new level. The platform is open to all and users do not require to have a Facebook account to access Messenger Rooms.

Covid Trends – Usage of GIF’s witness significant surge

Giphy reports that the usage of GIF discovery platforms had witnessed a 13 percent surge in April this year when compared March and 65 percent when compared to February. The best viewed GIF’s for the month of April expressed positivity and love as the world rattled in COVID-19. Humour became the third popular among GIF’s as people preferred to mix match sarcasm as well. The company stated that their feature ‘Giphy Cares’ helped the audience to find the right words to express their griefs during the pandemic and the channel topped with 1.6 billion GIF views.

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