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How to successfully drive your content based on search analytics

Regardless of the importance of generating quality content that is to be marketed to the target audience for maximum success of each content, experts have estimated that more than 80% of the content on the web receives little to no traction. So how do marketers ensure their content reaches the desired audience and ranks on top of search results? Let us look at some of the insights provided by analytics to get answers for the same.

Analyze the performance of your existing content in the market
Using tools easily available such as Google Analytics or Console, analyze the metrics of each piece of content you have namely, the impressions, clicks, search traffic to individual pages, time on-site, bounce rates, conversions etc. You can generate a performance score based on which you’ll know which content is performing and which needs work and as such reorganize and rework.

Analyzing topic clusters
Analyze the relevant cluster of topics around your main topics to understand the gaps in your content, add fresh insights to the existing content or to create and link to new landing pages for specific related topics. You can get an idea of relevant topic clusters by checking the ‘related searches’ page in Google.

Determine how you want to present your content
Gone are the days when one specific SEO strategy was practiced across all domains. Now one has to understand how to cater to the specific audience for each content. According to surveys, user searches like gym and fitness topics prefer a video format over text and similarly searches like home and furniture require an image presentation. So bear in mind what type of content presentation will work best for your target audience.

Observe what your competitors are posting
Explore and Evaluate the top performing content of your competitors to derive useful information on how to prioritise your own content and optimise accordingly. You can take the help of search tools to track and analyze the content on your website to give you a list of your top content competitors on Google and view content similar to yours and learn from them.

Update, update, update
Sometimes the task at hand is as simple as ensuring you keep updating existing content with the latest information to ensure it stays relevant within the times. You can even do a detox and remove pages that your analytics data shows to be poorly performing in terms of impressions and clicks or irrelevant to your business strategy.

Those are our top tips to remain connected to your audience aptly, at all times. Continually monitor and track the performance of your content and focus on constantly improving it if you are to achieve everlasting success.

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