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How to develop the 10x content

Developing interesting content that can guarantee a far reach while being popular with the masses can be quite an ordeal. Getting started on creating engaging content can be quite intimidating and hence, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to float some good content in the market and stand out.

Before we start, let’s understand what 10x content is. It refers to content 10 times better than the highest ranking result for a given keyword(s).

Some of the features possessed by 10x content is- high quality reliable content that’s either useful or interesting or ideally both, able to evoke an emotional response from the reader and should have its own unique style. Care must be given to ensure that it has great UI/UX on as many platforms as possible.

Let’s dive deeper and build a foolproof strategy to generate good content.

#1 Extensive insight on the topic
It goes without saying that you must know the topic you are addressing inside out. You must be able to analyze the audience, the relevance, how it can impact readers etc and spin an article catering to the exact requirements. Otherwise your article ends up being an unorganized bunch of data which cannot capture user attention.

#2 Creating uniqueness

There might be hundreds of articles already out there addressing the topic you have chosen. You must brainstorm ideas to think out of the box and present the idea in an interesting angle. Dishing out information bluntly has lost its charm. Devise ways to present content in an exciting or attention grabbing manner. It could be something as simple as an eye catching style of presentation.

#3 Powerful presentations
Interest is in the eye of the beholder and thus, the more exciting your presentation looks, the better attention it gets. You don’t have to resort to texts and articles always to get your point across. For example, statistical representations are a great way to tell people the same thing but in a more visually appealing way. It might help them comprehend data better than reading paragraphs after paragraphs.

Well those are the three key points you can rely on to create an article that is sure to grab eyes your way. Trials and experimentations are the only way forward here so start thinking differently from today!

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