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Amul has been staying relevant even today and its new ‘Cookie’ launch employed ambush marketing to break the clutter. As a fresh face in the biscuit market, they entered with guns blazing with a social media campaign on its new range of butter cookies that contain 25% butter, whereas other brands have no more than 3%. The ad further invites viewers to check the nutritional information on the packaging of rival brands and send in pictures, for which they would receive an Amul hamper.

TikTok’s call to users to take a second to reflect

TikTok has launched an awareness campaign aiming to sensitize India’s digital population about safe and responsible use the platforms. The campaign going by #WaitASecToReflect was developed to inspire users to pause for a second and think about their online conduct. The campaign launched as three digital films has been received well on the digital platforms.

Facebook’s new tool that changes the number of ads you see

The social media giant rolled out a tool that will let you delete your past browsing and prevent it from keeping track of your future clicks, taps and website visits. Also, Facebook is launching a long-anticipated tool that limits what data the social network can gather about you on outside websites and apps. The former “clear history” button will be replaced by “off-Facebook activity.”

DAN Programmatic bringing the future, literally

DAN Programmatic, powered by Data Sciences Division of the Dentsu Aegis Network in India and AMNET has launched ‘DAN Vision for Creative’, a machine learning and neuroscience-based engine. It will deliver insights into the predicted performance of a creative even before the creative has actually run. The initiative through its sophisticated technology plans to present a visual heat map of effective elements of a creative and forecast its performance based on algorithms that have been trained on the performance of thousands of creative and analyzing millions of elements.

Mars’s set to improve gender equality in their ads

The FMCG giant seeks to “unprogramme” how marketers are gender-biased in its advertising. Mars is bringing a 3 point strategy to improve gender equality trying to “positively influence” society. It plans to take steps to sensitize and unprogramme marketing staff so that content and campaigns are more sensitive and non-biased . As one of the world’s biggest advertisers, Mars steps will be a benchmark for other brands in bringing forward the change.

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