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Halloween is around the corner and Budweiser brings out “Drink Wiser” campaign for responsible drinking. As part of the campaign, the brand reimagined the costumed mugshots of real people who have been arrested for irresponsible drinking on Halloween. The beer brand is also encouraging people to follow @BudweiserUSA on Twitter to receive tweets notifying for reminders to keep hydrated between beers.


Google India is at 16% rise in profit

Google has announced in its annual report that its advertising business brings in nearly 28% of its revenue for FY19. The company’s profit quotient has seen a jump after it reduced expenses by 61% in FY19. The company’s business in India has, however, seen its revenue drop by 55.5% from FY18’s Rs 9,337 crore to FY19’s Rs 4,147 crore. It said that the fall has been due to the implementation of Indian Accounting Standards.


84% of Instagrammers likely to shop from platform

A latest report by Recogn, brings out key insight regarding Instagram in India. It revealed that more than 75% of the shoppers have had a satisfactory experience shopping from Instagram and a majority are likely to shop in the future too. Users look for, authenticity of the product while purchasing something on Instagram. More than 50% of consumers have shopped on Instagram and close to 75% of them are from small metros and small towns.


Patrón’s tequila now via Instagram Stories ads

Tequila label Patrón becomes the first liquor brand that takes direct orders from Instagram. Swipe up on new Patrón ads in Instagram Stories to place orders that will be delivered via third-party platforms Drizly, Instacart and Reserve Bar. Shoppers will have to input their age in Instagram’s in-app checkout feature and ID will also be scanned on delivery. The Ad is also interactive and highlights everything from educational to the experience of drinking Patrón tequila.


Influencer marketing critical for beauty brands says Nykaa

Nykaa launched its first beauty celebrity brand Kay Beauty recently where it showcased its #ItsKayToBeYou digital campaign. The campaign features a team of women have been incredible in their respective domains, celebrating different kinds of beauty. Reena Chhabra, CEO of Nykaa remarked that their marketing spends majorly on digital since their consumers are on the digital medium. She also pointed out that fashion brands can’t do without influencers and they are critical for brand growth.

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