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Jio unveils audio-visual training in 10 different regional languages with their Digital Udaan program in India. Jio will work with its users every Saturday assist them in figuring out the features fo JioPhone and the various apps like Facebook and lectures on internet safety. They aim at providing train-the-trainer sessions, training videos and information brochures to help the program. The company is working with Facebook to ensure that relevant modules are used for each city and locality.

Facebook indulges creators with new tools, features for monetizing content

The updates from Facebook aim to help creators earn more and helps advertisers collaborate on branded content easily. Facebook is competing for creators’ attention with YouTube and the new updates are aimed to leverage more creators. New placement options and regions for video ads are some of the features. Creators who meet Facebook’s Monetization Eligibility Standards will get the new feature in its Ad Breaks ad unit. The feature can activate un-interruptive ad formats, like pre-roll or image ads, in video content that may not have a natural break for ads.

Nielsen India launches solution for measuring sales ROIs of digital publishers

In traditional trade heavy markets like India, FMCG retail sales offtake data is available only at monthly intervals. As weekly data is unavailable, there is a gap in robust evaluation of digital media vis-a-vis traditional media. Custom Mix Modeling solution by Neislon will help FMCG advertisers measure sales ROIs of individual digital publishers by adopting same method as for TV and Print. Apart from the impact of ads on platforms on sales, Nielsen can also set up quick tests to evaluate sales impacts of different creatives, ad formats, and placement decisions at a sales ROI level.

Short-form videos a major factor in achieving marketing goals: Justin Halim, Bain & Company

Indians are increasingly using mobile phones and smartphones presence is expected to reach 80% by 2022. Now with the advent of platforms like TikTok, short-form videos are becoming an important platform to get brand messages out easily. Care has to be given to the execution of short-form videos using streamlined content keeping in mind that videos are mostly viewed in vertical formats, often with the sound off.

Jewellery industry has the potential to completely transform into digital

A conclave of jewellery industrialists spoke about the need to adopt technology in the jewellery industry with special emphasis on reinventing brand & advertising strategy in the digital realm. It was pointed out that digitization is the new buzz word and brands need to reinvent their strategies to reach to consumers in the jewellery industry. The trend on digital today has shifted to 3Vs – Video, Vernacular and Voice and jewellery brands need to gear to stay ahead of the game

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