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A strategic approach to massively increase engagement and revenue.

Being an international tinted service established in 2012, WrapStyle focuses on design services like car wrapping color change full wrap, partial wrap, paint protection film, window tinting and ceramic coatings. The company wraps thousands of cars every year and needed to have a break through here in Kerala by pushing the potential clients to try new variants in car designs and wrapping facilities.

Our sole intention with driving forward campaigns for WrapStyle was to transform the outlook the auto enthusiasts in Kerala had about playing up with the appearance of their cars. Being an international brand that needed no introduction in their field of work, we entered the market promoting the enticing works of WrapStyle and constantly pushing the audience step out of their comfort zones and get creative with their cars, using our highly engaging content that spiked the attention of viewers and earned WrapStyle a good number of clients in a considerably short duration of time.

Being quite a niche field, targeting the right audience and upscaling the clients digital statistics using compelling creatives and campaigns was something we managed to pull off, and the engagement rate shot by 1.2%.

Over the course of time we succeeded in changing the perspective of the targeted audience towards car wrapping and paint protection, along with driving sales for design digital printing- a novel idea that was yet to be driven full fledged with the targeted audience. Rather than promote sales the first day, we focused on creating the concept of wrapped cars being cool and popular within the targeted crowd, gradually wearing down their resistance towards cars that stood out design wise, and worked our way up the sales figures by 30% month on month.



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