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How we ramped up brand awareness and purchase intent for DeBongo

DeBongo, one of the multiple fashion derivatives of VKC- a leading footwear brand in India wanted to capture the attention of the youth and be a brand voice for them both in terms of a fashion experience and in terms of promoting the ideologies of youngsters. The products featured by the brand were easy to style, affordable and comfortable all at the same time, wanting to be as versatile as possible. DeBongo featured both men’s and women’s shoes that fell into the casual/formal and sports category, primarily.

The footwear fashion industry being something that was multifaceted and vulnerable to quick fashion changes, especially the ones aimed at the youth, DeBongo being comparatively a new venture of VKC, OnPageOne was presented with the challenge of placing the brand in the industry and being able to divert enough attention to them, amidst the fluctuating interests on the youngsters.

Since the brand had a good seller point of being affordable and having multiple styles to choose from- two of the features that best grabs the attention of youngsters, OnPageOne initially focused on presenting all the variants of the shoes, falling into the casual,formal and sports categories in visually appealing and eye catchy creatives. Graphics and music that would be appealing to the younger crowd was used extensively. Post this, contests and giveaways were regularly organized to engage the audience and spread brand awareness. Particular care was given that the brand tone was set to something that would speak on behalf of the thoughts, issues or feelings that the youth would encounter, so as to get maximum connection with the audience and grow to be a brand that they could reflect with apart from boosting the sales.



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