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A market insight-driven strategic approach to successfully launch and push installs of a unique payment app spearheaded by the Dubai Economy

Empay is a pioneering contactless payment ecosystem with the world’s first instant credit facility for lifestyle payments. Designed and developed within UAE’s Smart Government program framework, this one-of-a-kind application provides multiple payment modes for several lifestyle needs at the convenience of a click on your phone. Basically, Empay caters to every possible transaction requirement of a UAE resident - from ordering food to paying your mobile and electricity bills, topping up your NOL card, paying your child’s tuition fee, Mawaqif, and much more.

Empay, the World’s first contactless payment ecosystem that was designed and developed within the UAE’s Smart Government program framework, approaches OnPageOne for launching their digital payment app to promote secure and cashless transactions in UAE, in the midst of the pandemic. Apart from facilitating cashless payments, Empay was developed to be a full-fledged online payments app that could meet a multitude of payment requirements of the citizens of UAE, be it paying Utility bills, Government bills, Telecom bills, School fees, Food, and Beverages, etc. The app held the USP of being an umbrella payment system as opposed to the competitors in the UAE market who provided specific payment solutions only. Keeping this in mind, OnPageOne launched into a detailed and deep market study of the diverse crowd of UAE, analyzing how best to position the app and promote it. The population consisted of Arab residents along with ex-pats from India, the Philippines, and Bangladesh in the larger majority which implied that the spending habits or financial interests of the crowd could also vary.

Harboring on this thought, OnPageOne designed a variety of capturing creatives that could grab the attention of the mixed crowd. Each and every payment feature of the app, right from registration was meticulously explained through descriptive videos to onboard the new users to the app. Since UAE already had a good number of payments apps that the population had already comfortably settled into using, breakthrough campaigns had to be designed to get noticed. This was done through successfully running contests offering magnanimous cashback offers for registering, lucky draws, or in the food and beverages department by the agency. Within a short couple of days since the launch of the app, the agency could garner enough attention and registrations for the client through well-designed creatives and well-executed campaigns.



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